#BnS115 – Man Cave (Lot)

When it comes time to change houses, some sims want to take it back to the basics, and some sims want to take it back to the basics. This cave home is the lot for the latter – everything a sim needs to maintain a happy life but nothing in the way of overly-modern accessories. 

#BnS113 – Love Shack (Lot)

Entry for Sims Build-n-Share Challenge #113 When you’re young and in love, your ideal life is just getting away from it all to have time for the two of you. That’s exactly what the Honeymoon Hideaway provides – a full living experience, cozy enough for two, well away from the hustle and bustle. This romantic…

#BnS112 – Seeing Double (Lot)

When identical twins can’t be separated, it’s time for an identical-unit duplex! This modern-styled home is nestled on a 20×15 lot for cozy living with a fun feel.

#BnS105 – Life After Life (Lot)

This is just a wooded lot, right? It doesn’t look like anyone even owns it…unless you venture to the heart of the woods, find a door, and dare to take the dark stair into the underground. That’s how some folks prefer it. This natural form of fencing, paired with an already-dark location in Forgotten Hollow, make the Afterlife Abode the ultimate private residence.

#BnS104 – Unexpected Arrivals (Lot)

Riverside Roost Redux is a remodel of the Riverside Roost in Willow Creek. This cute starter home needed a face lift and some extra space to accommodate a suddenly growing family, when four orphaned children were left in the care of their aunt and her wife. This remodel keeps the feel of the original home while adding interest and opportunities for the children.

#BnS103 – Dream a Little Dream (Lot)

Cherry Creations is the hot new design studio in Magnolia Promenade, settled on the aptly-named Preeminent Domain. Designer Pepper Cherry shares this building with her receptionist, Karl Hedges. With the expansion of Cherry Creations into their new offices, Pepper also has space for part-time maintenance and gardeners to care for the grounds and her luxurious new arboretum. This new office building showcases Pepper’s personal taste, as well as her adherence to the motto, “Stay weird, my friends.”

#BnS101 – Five by Five (Lot)

The Lantern Lilac Lodge was designed with the agoraphobic sim in mind, but it’s a great starter home or private cabin for anyone who wants to get away from the world and live a cozy, simple life.

#BnS97 – A Garden for Daisy (Lot)

Daisy’s Rest Park is a public park in the town of Willow Creek (on the site of the former Streamlet Single), created through the generous donation by widower Bai Lee in memory of his wife, Daisy.