#BnS101 – Five by Five (Lot)

The Lantern Lilac Lodge was designed with the agoraphobic sim in mind, but it’s a great starter home or private cabin for anyone who wants to get away from the world and live a cozy, simple life.

Åge the Nisse

Nisse are Norwegian ancestral spirits who have an appearance similar to garden gnomes. They’re a holdover from the days of ancestor worship, and they’re often thought to be the spirit of the first farmer to develop the land of a homestead.

The Blacksmith Shop

“The Blacksmith Shop” is traditionally-painted in the Impressionist style on 16″ x 24″ panel.

#BnS97 – A Garden for Daisy (Lot)

Daisy’s Rest Park is a public park in the town of Willow Creek (on the site of the former Streamlet Single), created through the generous donation by widower Bai Lee in memory of his wife, Daisy.

#BnS97 – A Garden for Daisy (Household)

The unfortunate death of his beloved wife, Daisy, sparked a desire for a commitment to a community garden in Bai Lee. To best express the devotion of this couple and their enjoyment of the new garden, I’ve created and uploaded Bai and Daisy Lee.