Ideal Basic Starter Home

I’ve reached 1,000 downloads on the Sims 4 Gallery, and to celebrate, I’ve built this “ideal basic starter” home to help others out on their Sims journey. Very plain (as starters typically are), but with a fully-landscaped yard and pond using DEBUG, this home is functional, meets all of a Sim’s basic skilling needs, and it even includes space for fishing and gardening right on the lot (though your Sim WILL have to “discover” fish varieties in order to be able to stock their pond). This was built using Base Game tagged items only (the outdoor trash can was swapped for the similar Base Game one at the last minute) and has space for two adult Sims and a starter nursery to get their family started.

This lot IS difficult to fully photograph in-game due to the use of DEBUG items for landscaping.
The backyard pond is built using the Pond/Water tool and is fully usable as a pond.
The home has a very basic layout with living room, bathroom, two bedrooms, and a kitchenette.
Living room is easy to navigate with basic furniture. (Sorry for the vanishing curtains; my game always does this to me when I take photos in-game.)
Kitchenette is fully-functional and includes a tea maker for moodlet managing.
Bathroom is fully-functional and includes a shower/tub combo for when toddlers need to be bathed.
Starter nursery is small but efficient and completely customizable down the road.
Master bedroom is functional for two Sims and is playtested to ensure Sims can scoot to use both sides of the bed.

This build can be found on the Sims 4 Gallery!

Build Name: Ideal Basic Starter
EA ID: SimsIslandheart