Holiday Rose

It looks like I’m in the mood for holiday builds! This toned-down holiday build is a festive remodel of Rindle Rose in Willow Creek. To make it more accessible to simmers with fewer packs, it uses only the Base Game + Holiday Stuff (free) + Seasons + Realm of Magic. It *technically* doesn’t need Realm of Magic, but I used that to keep with the magical build niche I’ve found myself in – most or all of my builds going forward will probably use Realm of Magic unless they’re Base Game Only.

Now, onto the details of this Holiday Rose!

The formerly open layout in this house’s living area has been slightly altered to very gently partially enclose the kitchen. This separation gives a coziness to the living area and allows for a small but bright kitchen to coexist in the same space.
Bathroom is fully functional with both shower and tub, yet maintains a bright and festive atmosphere.
The master bedroom is an eclectic delight of holiday cheer.
The second bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate two child, teen, or young adult children.

Make your neighborhood pop with this magical family home! You can download it on the Sims 4 gallery:

Lot Name: Holiday Rose
EA ID: SimsIslandheart