Sims 4 Makeover: Johnny Zest


I didn’t forget about the most recent member of the Landgraab family introduced to us! I had considered putting Johnny in with the other Landgraab post, but since the family disowned him, I decided to make a separate post for him. So here’s a zesty makeover for Johnny Zest!

Johnny was disowned from the Landgraab family after dropping out of school to pursue his dream of becoming a successful stand-up comedian. His previous look was a little bit dull for that gig – I’ve given him a fresh new haircut, eyebrows that match his hair instead of being pee yellow, and a slight change to the tit mouse that was living on his chin to provide a more intentional, refined look.

It’s not explicitly stated how Johnny is related to the Landgraabs, but while working on their makeovers, I definitely saw enough resemblance between him and teenage Malcolm for the two of them to potentially be brothers, with him being the disowned oldest child of Geoffrey and Nancy. It seems a little out of character for Geoffrey to kick him out, but since Nancy’s the head of the family and Landgraab heir, perhaps he didn’t have much say? It would definitely be a Nancy Landgraab power move to give “Johnny” the boot and start grooming Malcolm to be heir in his stead. What do you think?

While there are certainly differences in their features, there are also a number of similarities – especially considering Malcolm is still a teen, while Johnny is a young adult.

If you’d like to download the Johnny Zest makeover for your game, you can find him on the Sims 4 Gallery under the ID SimsIslandheart.