Sims 4 Makeover: Landgraab Family


Just in time for the launch of Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff Pack, I’ve started a complete makeover/overhaul for my game. EA’s buildings, lots and sims are all getting a fresh new look to take advantage of the CAS and Build Mode items that have come out since the game started.

First up: The Landgraab Family! This iconic Sims family is well-known to long-time gamers, and it’s about time their dorky, awkward look and ugly house get refreshed. They obviously have the money, right? 😉

Geoffrey Landgraab brings the “normal dad by day, secret agent by night” look to his makeover. I combined some of his Sims 3 characteristics with his Sims 4 model to create a narrative of a secret agent who uses a day job as a doctor as his cover. As the husband to the famous Nancy Landgraab, he’s viewed as a mild-mannered gentleman who married into money and is working hard to set a good example for the family’s son, Malcolm.

Nancy, current Landgraab heiress and head of the Landgraab family, has been refreshed to match her status as an up-and-coming CEO who also just happens to be an up-and-coming crime boss. Nancy grew up accustomed to the finest things in life, and she intends to keep it that way going forward.

Malcolm, the teenage son of the Landgraab family, took a little more work for his makeover. His physical features still haven’t been altered, but his hair color swatch has been shifted from the very yellow hue it once was to the more muted blonde his parents have for their hair swatch. Being raised by the dual-natured parents (good and law-affirming Geoffrey and snobbish, crime-affirming Nancy), Malcolm has grown from an otherwise good-natured child into a teen with snobby habits and an evil bent to follow his mother into a life of crime. He sees his path to the Landgraab name and fortune as trying to be even more successful in the crime world than Nancy.

Interested in adding this family to your game? You can find it on the Sims 4 Gallery under the EA ID SimsIslandheart.