#BnS115 – Man Cave (Lot)


Entry for Sims Build-n-Share Challenge #115

When it comes time to change houses, some sims want to take it back to the basics, and some sims want to take it back to the basics. This cave home is the lot for the latter – everything a sim needs to maintain a happy life but nothing in the way of overly-modern accessories.

03-19-19_1-14-12 PM

Nestled along the banks of Dachshund’s Creek in the Brindleton Bay neighborhood of Cavalier Cove, this constructed cave gives its owner the chance to live like a cave person without having to seek out an existing cave high in the mountains.

03-19-19_1-14-36 PM

Even though it’s of modern construction, the cave home is designed to blend well with the natural surroundings and give the appearance of a natural outcropping of rock near the banks of the creek.

03-19-19_1-15-05 PM

While Cavalier Cove is home to public fishing areas, this lot includes a private fishing pond for sport, entertainment, and food needs.

03-19-19_1-16-17 PM

A nearby stone fountain in the guise of a natural spring provides a quiet area to relax, without any worry about overspill – water on this lot naturally drains into the pond.

03-19-19_1-16-34 PM

A rustic garbage bin and mailbox constructed largely of natural materials allow the homeowner to meet sanitation and postal demands without detracting from the nature of the home.

03-19-19_1-17-01 PM

Landscaping helps the home blend into the surrounding environment.

03-19-19_1-17-43 PM

Even from the back of the lot, this cave is just an outcropping of rock.

03-19-19_1-18-46 PM

Small touches of carved architecture, such as a minimalist retaining wall and exposed interior wall construction are the only indications this isn’t entirely a natural formation.

03-19-19_1-19-16 PM

A closer approach to this cave home also shows other indications of habitation, including hand-hewn planters for basic agriculture and a rustic, outdoor shower.

03-19-19_1-21-36 PM

This cave home is a single, open concept, just like a real cave might be, on a single level.

03-19-19_1-22-02 PM

One opening, reinforced with a keystone arch, is the solitary entrance and exit to this home. Decor outside the door to greet guests is reminiscent of ancestral pottery and carvings.

03-19-19_1-22-18 PM

Inside, a central fire pit is framed by rough stone seating and table surfaces, a rustic refrigerator (not quite stone age, but important for keeping food fresh longer), a drying rack for herbs, a hand-carved shelf, and a stone sink.

03-19-19_1-22-36 PM

This multi-purpose area serves all the living needs of the owner, just as it did for ancient people.

03-19-19_1-23-02 PM

Sitting on the bench allows for a view of the mixed-construction walls and a glimpse outside.

03-19-19_1-23-26 PM

Looking across the cave gives a glimpse into the sleeping area.

03-19-19_1-23-35 PM

This cozy nook with a rustic bed gives the homeowner a chance to sleep peacefully away from the rest of the cave.

03-19-19_1-23-49 PM

Tiny, flickering flames illuminate the dark for anyone who wakes during the night and provides a warm glow for hand-made decor, as well as an attractive light source to draw in fluttering dinner for the spiders above.

03-19-19_1-24-05 PM

Fishing and gathering are essential to the stone age lifestyle, so there is no space wasted on grassy lawns – instead, hand-hewn planters help maintain food plants.

03-19-19_1-24-43 PM

Even the shower is not immune to the effects of nature. Some plants love the moisture left behind.

03-19-19_1-25-14 PM

Last but not least, even ancient people knew not to sh*t where they eat – so the far back of the lot provides natural accommodation for the call of nature.

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