#BnS115 – Man Cave (Sim)


Entry for Sims 4 Build-n-Share Challenge #115

When the grind of modern life starts to take its toll, some sims might feel like they’d be better off in the Stone Age – and other sims make it happen.

Nean took his dream to live in a cave as a Stone Age man seriously and set out to obtain his ideal abode. Once there, he found himself overjoyed with the simple life of simply living.


When you’re planning to live in a cave, only a certain set of skills come in handy, which worked out great for the not-overly-skilled Nean. His love for the outdoors and his fishing hobby really paid off for him.


Nean’s wardrobe prior to heading for a cave was modern but plain, with a clean-cut look that would fit well in any entry-level job. Even this lifestyle felt too complicated and stifling for him, however, and when he traded his house for a cave, he traded his old look for a new one.


Leather, fur, bones, shells and plant fibers make for a very simple but striking contrast to the modern look. This definitely isn’t office attire, but that doesn’t matter, since Nean left the office behind.

With no more need for carefully-combed hair styles, shirt collars, or neckties, Nean found that he fit right into the Stone Age look.

03-19-19_1-27-30 PM

Spending his days fishing is not only relaxing for Nean, it’s also how he provides much of his daily food, and he’s able to sell prize-winning fish to pay his bills and incidental expenses as they come up. Rain or shine, Nean can often be found standing in the mud at the edge of his favorite fishing spot, and he loves every minute of it.

03-19-19_1-30-41 PM

The ability to build a fire in the center of his cave provides the comfort of warmth and light against the cold stone.

03-19-19_1-31-22 PM

The roaring campfire is the perfect place to roast his daily catch for fresh dinner every day.

03-19-19_1-36-41 PM

Just as in ancient times, the warm, dry cave and smell of cooking food draws stray dogs inside to see what it’s all about. Nean loves the visits from these wandering companions.

03-19-19_1-45-35 PM

Sometimes, these companions get so comfortable they sleep by the fire while Nean relaxes in thought.

03-19-19_1-47-43 PM

A rustic but cozy bed and warm light from tiny flames easily lulls Nean to sleep.

03-19-19_2-10-16 PM

And despite the open entrance to his cave, Nean sleeps without fear, for his canine friends are usually not far away.

03-19-19_1-49-02 PM

The downside of cave life is having to bundle up when it’s chilly outside and nature calls.

03-19-19_1-50-33 PM

However, returning to the warmth of the fire quickly remedies that discomfort.


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