#BnS113 – Love Shack (Lot)


Entry for Sims Build-n-Share Challenge #113

When you’re young and in love, your ideal life is just getting away from it all to have time for the two of you. That’s exactly what the Honeymoon Hideaway provides – a full living experience, cozy enough for two, well away from the hustle and bustle. This romantic getaway has everything a sim couple needs for their happily ever after.

02-09-19_1-21-30 PM

Tucked away in the former Hindquarter Hideaway of Brindleton Bay, the Honeymoon Hideaway features new landscaping and additional floral trees to tuck the home away in the loving embrace of seclusion.

02-09-19_4-17-11 PM

This home is two levels; the upstairs/above ground level includes the living areas, kitchen, and dining room.

02-09-19_4-15-57 PM

The lower level, below ground, includes a mud room/storage room, bedroom, and bathroom.

02-09-19_2-12-02 PM

This cozy cottage is nestled into rolling lawn that provides cozy comfort and seclusion year-round.

02-09-19_2-12-35 PM

These gentle hills help the home blend into the surrounding landscape.

02-09-19_3-49-07 PM

Outdoor seating under lilacs and lanterns makes for a romantic summer evening.

02-09-19_2-12-53 PM

And they provide ample opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty.

02-09-19_2-13-30 PM

The back side of the home is plain, but being built near the back side of the lot and abutting a natural rocky formation surrounded by flowering dogwood, it is no less enjoyable for a young couple taking in the natural beauty around them.

02-09-19_2-14-07 PM

These slopes offer more privacy and more opportunities for future floral arrangements for the young couple.

02-09-19_2-14-26 PM

With a natural cobblestone walkway and warm facade, this cottage is ready to welcome any young couple home.

02-09-19_2-14-54 PM

Inside, the main living area is arranged and decorated for cozy, warm living. Basic electronics mean they’re utilitarian – fewer distractions for a young couple, but still there for the occasional necessary use. Ample shelving displays the couple’s sentimental items as much as their books.

02-09-19_2-15-10 PM

Coat and shoe racks near the door help keep outdoor wear organized and at hand without being in the way.

02-09-19_2-15-22 PM

An elegant, matching half-wall neatly conceals the entrance to the lower level of the home.

02-09-19_2-15-37 PM

The cozy living area features a loveseat rather than a full sofa, keeping a happy couple close together.

02-09-19_2-15-54 PM

The kitchen is small, but warm and fully functional. All of the basics for meal prep can be found here, neatly stored away for future use.

02-09-19_2-16-13 PM

A coffee nook stands ready for a morning pick-me-up next to a sunny window.

02-09-19_2-16-23 PM

Drying herbs hang above a corner counter, making it easy to access for a wide array of meal prep.

02-09-19_2-16-36 PM

While plenty of space is provided for actual cooking and cleaning.

02-09-19_2-16-50 PM

No wine menu? No problem! For a secluded couple, their own wine selection is right at hand.

02-09-19_2-17-01 PM

Being surrounded by warm light enhances the comfortable mood of the dining room.

02-09-19_2-17-14 PM

The carved doors give a glimpse into the kitchen, allowing its warmth to penetrate without revealing the clutter.

02-09-19_2-17-27 PM

Romantic music and art that’s easy on the eyes offer a well-rounded romantic experience.

02-09-19_2-17-31 PM

This tiny table for two makes a perfect arrangement for romantic dinners or cozy breakfasts in the morning sun.

02-09-19_2-17-52 PM

A carved wooden banister leads the way downstairs.

02-09-19_2-18-27 PM

The foot of the stairs offers access to laundry storage, right outside the door for the bathroom/laundry.

02-09-19_2-18-36 PM

This space is large enough to accommodate future storage expansion as the young couple moves forward in their lives and careers.

02-09-19_2-18-41 PM

A mud rack helps keep outdoor work garments organized and out of the main living areas.

02-09-19_4-00-59 PM

The bedroom is decorated with rich, warm-hued decor and a cozy bed for two.

02-09-19_4-01-12 PM

Shelving that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing offer unique display solutions.

02-09-19_4-01-34 PM

Mixing in antique furniture gives a sense of permanence and longevity to the room, enhancing the sense of stability for a young couple.

02-09-19_4-01-50 PM

Lovely wreaths for protection overlook a tucked-away door to the bath.

02-09-19_4-02-10 PM

This bright yet cozy bath features a full bathroom combined with a laundry suite.

02-09-19_4-02-21 PM

The lovely shower/tub combo is perfect for either a quick shower before work or a long soak after a hard day.

02-09-19_4-02-27 PM

The open arrangement of this bath allows for ample space to move while still being close and cozy.

02-09-19_4-02-36 PM

An over-and-under washer and dryer combo is the perfect space-saving solution for a couple who doesn’t need the capacity of larger machines. Sturdy construction of the unit allows for additional laundry storage above them.

02-09-19_4-03-09 PM

Rain or shine, this home is ready to wrap a couple in a warm embrace and keep them happy for years to come.

Want to add the Honeymoon Hideaway to your neighborhood? Download it at the Sims 4 Gallery!

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