#BnS113 – Love Shack (Household)


Entry for Sims 4 Build-n-Share Challenge #113

Carlos and Betty Merona are young newlyweds very much in love. This frugal couple saved on their wedding to have a very special home built for their honeymoon getaway. Away from all the worries of the world, it’s just the two of them – just the way they like it.


Betty, a Dirt Digger at Peter’s Petals & Pods Landscaping, loves to have her hands in the kitchen or garden when she’s not at work – or giving attention to Carlos. She is thrilled to have found her soulmate, and now that they’re married, she looks forward to enriching their lives in their new home.


Betty’s style isn’t edgy enough to be considered “fashion forward,” but she still likes bold contrasts and fun shapes, especially in her favorite warm tones. Whether she’s working in the garden or working out, she warms up the room with her flair.


Carlos, a Mailroom Technician at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe, Inc., is looking forward to making a comfortable home with his lovely wife. He feels good about his prospects for advancement at work, especially since he has his soulmate at home with him, now. He does like to do a bit of cooking on the side, but he’s always more happy to come home to surprise goodies by Betty.


Carlos favors neutrals with pops of pattern or cut that make them jump. The result is a wardrobe that would otherwise be considered “blah,” but that he works to its fullest.

02-09-19_2-10-27 PM

These two lovebirds are never far apart when they’re home. Even when Carlos offers to do the laundry…

02-09-19_3-32-29 PM

…Betty waits patiently in the next room, reading from one of her favorite novels.

02-09-19_3-33-06 PM

Small moments in between chores are chances for these lovebirds to catch up and chat.

02-09-19_3-36-13 PM

Betty knows to stay hydrated on hot summer days to always look her best…

02-09-19_3-37-15 PM

…and Carlos is ready to join her, making even water a romantic drink.

02-09-19_3-40-13 PM

And romance is never far for these two.

02-09-19_3-45-08 PM

Betty gets inspired by looking at the beautiful art and decor around their new home.

02-09-19_3-45-42 PM

And Carlos gets energized from a few quick push-ups in the kitchen.

02-09-19_3-49-07 PM

Softly lit lanterns and lilac branches make a perfect canopy for a young couple in love on a warm evening.

02-09-19_3-49-59 PM

When the weather turns rainy, there’s always a movie to catch.

02-09-19_3-51-30 PM

Flirting isn’t just for singles, these days. This couple still loves to show affection for each other in small ways.

02-09-19_3-53-32 PM

Relaxing together with a good book makes for quiet evenings…

02-09-19_3-54-38 PM

…before tucking in for peaceful slumber together.

02-09-19_3-56-51 PM

When Carlos is off to work at the office, Betty uses her day off to catch up on the chores…

02-09-19_3-57-50 PM

…polish her dancing skills…

02-09-19_3-59-31 PM

…and reminisce with romantic cards of holidays past.

02-09-19_4-05-01 PM

Carlos might be a bit stinky after a long day at the office, but that doesn’t stop Betty from rushing out to greet him.

02-09-19_4-07-34 PM

After a quick shower, Carlos is more than glad to join Betty in polishing their dance skills.

02-09-19_4-09-53 PM

Evening talks with romantic music keep them close.

02-09-19_4-10-47 PM

As do hugs.

02-09-19_4-24-13 PM

And kisses.

02-09-19_3-34-15 PM

And other activities. 😉

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