#BnS112 – Seeing Double (Lot)


Entry for Sims Build-n-Share Challenge #112

When identical twins can’t be separated, it’s time for an identical-unit duplex! This modern-styled home is nestled on a 20×15 lot for cozy living with a fun feel.

02-06-19_7-30-40 PM

The front of this duplex features minimal-care plants to compliment the color scheme and separate, mirrored entryways. The edge of the lot contains a buffer of natural plants and utilitarian space for garbage cans and mailboxes.

02-06-19_7-30-54 PM

The boxy modern design creates different illusions with shadows and shape from every angle, while still retaining clean lines and minimal-maintenance trim.

02-06-19_7-31-04 PM

The side view of the duplex demonstrates the innovative shapes while giving a peek at the hidden backyard area.

02-06-19_7-31-29 PM

Prying neighbors or paparazzi can’t get a clear view even from the back, however, because of the solid construction of the poolside facilities.

02-06-19_7-31-38 PM

Natural plants and trees help create a transition between the home and the sidewalk.

02-06-19_7-31-58 PM

Stacked waterfalls provide beauty and entertainment, while at the same time effectively screening the pool area.

02-06-19_7-32-07 PM

The shapes of this home are designed to fit well in urban and suburban environments.

02-06-19_7-33-09 PM

The flat roof of the uppermost level creates a “T” shape, reflecting the balanced, mirrored layouts below.

02-06-19_7-33-24 PM

The third (uppermost) level contains stairwells to private bedrooms. These bedrooms include a private, walk-out access to a balcony to enjoy scenic views of the neighborhood and surrounding area.

02-06-19_7-33-31 PM

The second level contains the second/spare bedroom and a combined bathroom and laundry facility. This provides balanced access to both the upper and lower floors.

02-06-19_7-33-42 PM

The first level includes an open concept kitchen/living/dining area and a spacious study for work and hobbies.

02-06-19_7-33-57 PM

Also on the first level, detached from the house, is a poolside half-bath x 2, suitable for a quick bathroom break after the pool or for use by guests at parties.

02-06-19_7-34-03 PM

The poolside includes the bathroom facilities, cooking, eating, lounging, and socializing areas around a large, decorated pool with internal fountain.

02-06-19_7-34-33 PM

Mayor Whiskers is happy to lead guests on an exterior tour, starting with the front flowerbeds.

02-06-19_7-35-05 PM

Small glimpses into the rear give hints at a fun pool area, while not giving a complete view.

02-06-19_7-35-25 PM

From here, it’s also possible to catch a glimpse of the fountains alongside the duplex, as well.

02-06-19_7-35-32 PM

This natural space adds green to the home without overrunning it.

02-06-19_7-35-58 PM

Inside the pool area, a “his/hers” bathroom screens the back of the pool. (Signs not enforced – when you gotta pee, you gotta pee.)

02-06-19_7-36-04 PM

Whether you’re grilling or lounging, there’s space near the pool!

02-06-19_7-36-08 PM

There’s also space (thankfully close to multiple sources of water) for people who just want to set things on fire.

02-06-19_7-36-22 PM

The stacked waterfalls create the illusion of a wall without physically blocking off the pool and create a peaceful ambiance for diners.

02-06-19_7-36-40 PM

Music, fountains and planters frame the back doors to the duplex.

02-06-19_7-38-02 PM

The two halves of the duplex are mirror images of each other. Mayor Whiskers invites you to tour this one.

02-06-19_7-38-20 PM

The entry door opens into an open concept living area. This simple kitchen provides everything needed for regular meals.

02-06-19_7-38-32 PM

A small dining table near the windows makes for beautiful breakfasts in the sun, while a comfortable living area sports a cozy sofa and rug under a wall-mounted TV. (TV normally sits slightly lower, but I kept having some sort of MOO glitch with this build.)

02-06-19_7-38-48 PM

From the living area, the entire open concept is visible.

02-06-19_7-38-55 PM

This is also where the hallway to the study, pool and stairs is first visible.

02-06-19_7-39-05 PM

The view from the hall shows off the bright, airy space created by large windows.

02-06-19_7-39-09 PM

The door to the study fits smoothly into the design of the hall.

02-06-19_7-39-25 PM

This study includes everything needed for work, for research, and for a couple of hobbies.

02-06-19_7-39-36 PM

For those who want to show off their skills, a hobby board is near the door.

02-06-19_7-39-46 PM

A pin board dominates the rear wall to create opportunities for design work.

02-06-19_7-39-56 PM

An easel in the corner offers opportunities for sunny, creative relaxation.

02-06-19_7-40-07 PM

The stairs to the second level are open-backed to keep from feeling too claustrophobic. (This space is not accessible to sims, but I did have a sim get trapped behind these stairs due to a pathing error while playtesting.)

02-06-19_7-40-51 PM

The clean lines of the stairs and railing are more apparent from above.

02-06-19_7-41-00 PM

Simple, monochome wall decor gives visual interest to the angled hallway.

02-06-19_7-41-07 PM

Large, picture windows lining the hall give a gorgeous view of the outside.

02-06-19_7-41-17 PM

No sunny hallway is complete without a planter holding plants to enjoy it.

02-06-19_7-41-28 PM

The simple arrow decor breaks up the space while creating the illusion of larger length in the hall.

02-06-19_7-41-39 PM

The second bedroom and bathroom sit next to each other but have differently-framed doors to prevent confusion.

02-06-19_7-41-48 PM

This small, cozy bedroom is perfect for a guest or child.

02-06-19_7-41-58 PM

A tall window with pulled-back drapes provides a sunny interior.

02-06-19_7-42-08 PM

Plenty of books and a tall mirror offer opportunities to relax in silence or give oneself a pep talk.

02-06-19_7-42-30 PM

The bathroom door gives a glimpse at the over-under space-saver laundry unit.

02-06-19_7-42-41 PM

Inside, this bathroom is more spacious than it initially appears, accommodating a full bath and shower combo, toilet, sink, and other bathroom amenities.

02-06-19_7-42-49 PM

The large window has a heavy drape for when you really don’t want your neighbors seeing you on the loo, but with the opportunity to pull it back for sun on laundry day.

02-06-19_7-43-10 PM

Bold wall art creates a stunning accent wall for this bathroom.

02-06-19_7-43-23 PM

Tall windows at the end of the hallway offer a glimpse outside…

02-06-19_7-43-39 PM

…as do the windows at the top of the stairs.

02-06-19_7-43-55 PM

This hall is dominated by a large, bold triptych, and it ends in the door to the master bedroom.

02-06-19_7-44-24 PM

The master bedroom is tucked neatly with everything one or two people need to be comfortable and get ready for the day, including a bedside table with plenty of space for makeup or accessories…

02-06-19_7-44-32 PM

…a tall wardrobe to meet clothes storage needs, KonMari style…

02-06-19_7-44-40 PM

…and a bookshelf to hold favorite books for bedtime reading.

02-06-19_7-45-01 PM

The master bedroom also has special, private access to the third floor balcony.

02-06-19_7-45-15 PM

Walking out onto the balcony provides a view of the neighboring area.

02-06-19_7-45-20 PM

And, it’s high enough to provide a view of the distant landscape as well.

02-06-19_7-45-28 PM

This balcony wraps around both sides of the duplex and can be shared by both sides.

02-06-19_7-45-35 PM

For those interested in sitting and lounging on the balcony, sedate plants frame elegant seating.

02-06-19_7-45-40 PM

The view from the end of the balcony is no less spectacular, while also providing a view of the architecture of the duplex.

02-06-19_7-46-12 PM

Identical seating arrangements on the opposite side of the balcony allow both’s residents to be seated at once without having to share a bench.

02-06-19_7-46-17 PM

And both have equally spectacular views.


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