#BnS105 – Life After Life (Lot)



Entry for Sims 4 Build-n-Share Challenge #105

This is just a wooded lot, right? It doesn’t look like anyone even owns it…unless you venture to the heart of the woods, find a door, and dare to take the dark stair into the underground. That’s how some folks prefer it. This natural form of fencing, paired with an already-dark location in Forgotten Hollow, make the Afterlife Abode the ultimate private residence.

10-12-18_8-39-38 AM

Even from above, this lot appears at a glance to be a bit of wild land growing near the edge of a river.

10-12-18_8-40-20 AM

Joggers can pass by without noticing anything amiss.

10-12-18_8-41-28 AM

Someone who approaches more closely might spot…is that a headstone? Creepy…

10-12-18_8-41-44 AM

… and keep walking.

10-12-18_8-42-11 AM

From other directions, even the headstone is not visible.

10-12-18_8-42-30 AM

There are some sparser areas where low-lying plants are starting to take a foothold…

10-12-18_8-43-03 AM

A hodgepodge of flowers that might have been left by birds or other pollinators over time…

10-12-18_8-44-28 AM

And more trees…

10-12-18_8-44-54 AM

…and volunteer shrubs, which are clearly the worse for wear.

10-12-18_11-40-58 AM

Someone who ventures into the grove, perhaps in an attempt to escape the rain, might discover a dark door hidden in the shadows.

10-12-18_8-46-21 AM

The bravest sims, the recklessly foolish, or those who’ve been invited to this secluded location, might open the door and find a stone stairway leading down to what appears to be a rich interior of a subterranean home.

10-12-18_8-47-00 AM

Let’s hang our hats and take a tour.

10-12-18_8-47-24 AM

Immediately around the end of the stairs, a back-lit bar entices guests.

10-12-18_8-47-42 AM

At the end of the bar, a pair of elegant bar stools allow for chatting at the bar.

10-12-18_8-47-58 AM

And a small – but fully-functional – kitchen allows the host, guests, or caterers access to a wide variety of dining options.

10-12-18_8-48-19 AM

There is ample seating around a cozy fire for television viewing or chatting.

10-12-18_8-48-29 AM

A quiet nook with a computer desk allows for multi-tasking or a break from the crowd.

10-12-18_8-48-49 AM

An elegant dining set is the perfect place to host dinner parties.

10-12-18_8-49-05 AM

For those so inclined, literature and music is readily available.

10-12-18_8-49-11 AM

And a stereo nook provides music for those who aren’t able to play the pipe organ.

10-12-18_8-49-22 AM

Any good entertaining space should have a dance floor, and this one does not skimp on it.

10-12-18_8-49-31 AM

There is easy access to the restroom for bar patrons or any other guests.

10-12-18_8-49-48 AM

Unlike many visitor bathrooms, this is a full bath, allowing guests to enjoy a bath or shower if necessary.

10-12-18_8-49-57 AM

And it includes well-stocked supply cabinets, to ensure everyone’s needs are met.

10-12-18_8-50-20 AM

Dancers might notice this small door tucked into the corner.

10-12-18_8-50-38 AM

It looks sparse stepping through…

10-12-18_8-50-50 AM

…and very utilitarian…

10-12-18_8-51-06 AM

…but the stairs give a glimpse of something richer below.

10-12-18_8-51-33 AM

Traveling deeper into this home brings us face-to-face with personal family art.

10-12-18_8-51-53 AM

A dimly-lit corridor behind the stairs offers two options, virtually identical.

10-12-18_8-52-16 AM

The door to the left offers entry to…

10-12-18_8-52-36 AM

… a master suite. This elegant bedroom is small but perfect for one.

10-12-18_8-52-47 AM

Muted decor and grand curtains frame the entrance into the master bath.

10-12-18_8-53-08 AM

Behind the bed, a nook with a computer desk allows a creative sim the ability to work on late-night novels or research.

10-12-18_8-53-30 AM

Stepping up to the curtains for the master bath gives a glimpse…

10-12-18_8-53-34 AM

…of the spacious, cleanly-lined bathroom to be revealed.

10-12-18_8-53-41 AM

A large artwork has curiously taken the place of mirrors above this bathroom sink.

10-12-18_8-53-59 AM

A more utilitarian shower-bathtub combo sits opposite the luxurious soaking bath.

10-12-18_8-54-08 AM

Plenty of storage space means a Neat sim can keep everything tidy and in its proper place.

10-12-18_8-54-37 AM

Venturing back to the hall leads us to Door #2…

10-12-18_8-54-49 AM

…and a small sitting room that can double as a guest bedroom.

10-12-18_8-55-08 AM

This room likewise has a nook with a desk, set up for writing by hand or with space for a guest’s tablet or laptop.

10-12-18_8-55-19 AM

If this bookshelf looks curiously set into the wall in comparison to other bookshelves in the home, it’s because it’s actually…

10-12-18_8-55-28 AM

…a door to a cozy library.

10-12-18_8-55-36 AM

Numerous well-read tomes line the shelves of this library.

10-12-18_8-55-56 AM

This writer’s desk is more elaborate and allows for a permanent, quiet writing location.

10-12-18_8-56-04 AM

A small corner nook includes space for artistic creativity.

10-12-18_8-56-18 AM

And with television and music-listening options, it’s easy to take a break from your work without going far.

10-12-18_8-56-29 AM

This is a perfect space for a lone sim to spend time in contemplation.

10-12-18_8-57-56 AM

The overhead view of the first level of this home is designed to look like a howling wolf’s head, something that’s subtle and not readily visible to guests. With minimal above-ground floor space, only the home’s owner and designer truly know what it looks like.

10-12-18_8-58-25 AM

The private suite is shaped like a bat in flight, to pair with the wolf above.

10-12-18_8-58-57 AM

From the sky, however, the only thing observers see are trees.

10-12-18_8-59-46 AM

And in the dark of night, that’s the only thing ground observers see as well. It’s an effective deterrent for a sim who values their privacy.


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