#BnS105 – Life After Life (Sim)


Entry for the Sims 4 Build-n-Share Challenge #105

Seth is the kind of guy who seems to know everyone, but no one really seems to know him that well. He’s been around a while, but when the topic of his age comes up, he deftly deflects with a quip about being “old enough,” and lets his surname do the rest of the talking for him. He’s become a bit of a snob over the years, mostly from becoming well-versed in what lasts and what doesn’t.


Seth’s had a long time to refine his skills, but he’s come to realize that many get rusty when they’re not used often. His impressive collection of books in his library has ensured that his knowledge can always be replenished, but sometimes, just putting in the work is what it takes. He was once skilled in several instruments, as well as singing, but when his fingers and voice got out of practice, he decided to refocus on the ones he loved most,  the pipe organ, piano, and violin. His personal pipe organ is his most treasured instrument, while he uses his love of piano as an excuse to get out of the house and visit some nightclubs – the patrons are always delighted by his playing and are interested in striking up a conversation. The nightclub scene led to interests in art, dancing, and mixology, which he’s incorporated into his home life.

Despite all of these interests, Seth remains a loner at heart, and he maintains a neat aspect in both his personal attire and his home. You won’t find stray drinking glasses or out-of-place books if you’re one of the few he invites in for his exclusive gatherings. Despite his rather youthful appearance, Seth has achieved more things than most people, and as a result, he’s become more fond of entertaining and being entertained than anything else.


It’s been a long time since Seth has needed more than a couple wardrobe options, especially since he’s certainly not going to be out swimming or hiking in the hot summer sun. However, he keeps a few of these now-novelty outfits around for nostalgia’s sake, and they’ve come in handy here or there for specialized parties. He’s most comfortable in dark, neat, refined attire, but the right red can work its way in here and there. Some folks have remarked that it’s a bit like the color of blood.

10-12-18_8-53-34 AM

For those who’ve had the privilege of spending time in Seth’s home, they’ve come to realize there are a few places he can usually be found. Often, he’s studying one of the many artworks he’s acquired over the years.

10-12-18_9-28-29 AM

Otherwise, the writer by trade can be found working on his latest novel – even sometimes waking from a sound sleep when inspiration strikes to type away at a brilliant scene.

10-12-18_11-23-42 AM

Every party is a dance party if Seth has his way, and he’s not afraid to invite anyone in attendance to dance with him.

10-14-18_7-18-35 PM

At other parties, he’s not shy of sitting down to a decent meal with guests, even while the caterer gets a little crazy with figuring out how to cook.

10-14-18_7-19-56 PM

Even when Mila’s not on duty, she’s happy to show off her bar tending skills to Seth!

10-14-18_7-24-07 PM

Sometimes, Seth has quite enough of misbehaving guests, though. He’s a neat sim, so leaving random ingredients all over his house is a no-go in his book. If he has to go to the work to clean it all up, he at least wants a snack out of the deal.

10-14-18_7-34-18 PM

Other party guests are much more entertaining – whether they’re dancing…

10-14-18_7-35-59 PM

…taking part in a bit of friendly training…

10-14-18_7-37-17 PM

…or just sitting and chatting near a quiet fire.

10-14-18_7-40-44 PM

Especially when the conversation suddenly turns romantic and picks up steam.

10-14-18_7-40-58 PM

Seth likes the fact that not all quiet parties are a total bust.

10-12-18_11-29-20 AM

To relax, he spends time in his study in quiet contemplation, painting works rich with personal emotion…

10-12-18_11-26-56 AM

… or expressing his feelings through his beloved pipe organ.

10-12-18_11-12-11 AM

And, when the day is especially long or trying, he can sometimes be found luxuriating in his personal bath, letting the hot water and personalized aromatic blends soothe away the stress.

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