#BnS105 – Life After Life (Room)



Entry for Sims 4 Build-n-Share Challenge #105

When life’s a party, it’s easy to find places to entertain yourself and others – but what about when afterlife‘s a party? That’s when it’s time for a specialized room designer to step in.

10-12-18_8-57-56 AM

At approximately 14×15 squares and $49,283, this irregularly-shaped entertainment room is an affordable, yet unique, addition to a sim’s home. Some say there’s a hidden message or theme in the room’s design, but visitors are still puzzling over the secret.

10-12-18_8-47-24 AM

Immediately upon entering, guests are presented with a place to hang their hats.

10-12-18_8-47-42 AM

Right after, there’s an opportunity to grab a refreshing beverage.

10-12-18_8-47-58 AM

A small, but fully-functional, kitchen provides ample opportunity to whip up everything from a bowl of chips to full-course meals for any party.

10-12-18_8-48-10 AM

Comfortable seating around a cozy fire and the option of a television provides lots of social opportunities.

10-12-18_8-48-19 AM

Fine dining is also an option with an elegant formal dining set.

10-12-18_8-48-29 AM

For those who need a quick break from the crowd, a corner nook provides a modest computer to game, browse the web, or look up quick information.

10-12-18_8-49-05 AM

Literature and music are far from absent in entertainment options.

10-12-18_8-49-11 AM

Even for those who can’t play, music is right around the corner.

10-12-18_8-49-22 AM

This moderately-sized dance floor lets you feel as though you’re dancing in a forest clearing, surrounded by family and friends.

10-12-18_8-49-31 AM

And when it’s time for a bladder break, the rest room is not far away.

10-12-18_11-19-21 AM

Hiring a bartender will unlock a lot of creative drink options for your guests.

10-12-18_11-26-56 AM

Personalized music performances can liven up any party.

10-14-18_7-24-07 PM

And caterers are always welcome for providing dining options.

10-14-18_7-37-17 PM

When group gatherings get cozy…

10-14-18_7-40-44 PM

… there’s even room for a little romance.


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