#BnS104 – Unexpected Arrivals (Lot)


Entry for the Sims 4 Build-n-Share Challenge #104

10-10-18_11-28-24 AM

Riverside Roost Redux is a remodel of the Riverside Roost in Willow Creek. This cute starter home needed a face lift and some extra space to accommodate a suddenly growing family, when four orphaned children were left in the care of their aunt and her wife. This remodel keeps the feel of the original home while adding interest and opportunities for the children.

10-10-18_11-28-39 AM

The front of the home is largely the same, save for landscaping. The sparse and overgrown landscaping originally on the lot has been replaced with touches of color, some low-maintenance shrubs, and a bird garden.

10-10-18_11-29-10 AM

The side of the home still includes a main floor side exit, as well as a rear side exit, and a telescope, monkey bars and swingset have been added for family activities.

10-10-18_11-29-51 AM

The rear of the house remains very plain…

10-10-18_11-30-32 AM

…as does the side facing the neighbors.

10-10-18_11-31-22 AM

The overhead with roof on has a streamlined appearance.

10-10-18_11-31-58 AM

The second floor contains a hallway, master suite, and baby/toddler bedroom.

10-10-18_11-32-23 AM

The first floor contains the family’s living areas, as well as two bathrooms, a laundry room, and three bedrooms.

10-10-18_11-32-49 AM

A closer look at the front shows off the front yard landscaping.

10-10-18_11-33-15 AM

The view from the corner of the street gives a magnificent look at the bird garden.

10-10-18_11-33-37 AM

The side entry to the main room includes access to the play area and garbage can.

10-10-18_11-33-55 AM

The back entry is off of a bedroom, with a quiet patio for relaxing and access to the play areas.

10-10-18_11-35-24 AM

The front door remains the same, keeping familiarity for the couple who love their home.

10-10-18_11-35-46 AM

Inside, three of the walls in the kitchen have been removed to create an open layout.

10-10-18_11-36-06 AM

New dining room furniture with the feel of their old dining set has made room for the growing family to eat together.

10-10-18_11-36-25 AM

All new window treatments, updated furniture in beloved colors, and quiet decor flesh out the living area.

10-10-18_11-36-46 AM

The living area also has access to bookshelves, a wall-mounted television, and a stereo for learning and entertainment.

10-10-18_11-37-00 AM

The chess table has been moved under the stairs and the chairs updated to match the dining set. A decorative planter and lamp warm the area.

10-10-18_11-37-13 AM

Along with the open layout, the kitchen has received a complete makeover, including new, high-quality appliances.

10-10-18_11-38-27 AM

Immediately behind the kitchen is a laundry room designed to accommodate the large family.

10-10-18_11-38-42 AM

The laundry room also acts as a supply closet for the family’s cleaning needs.

10-10-18_11-38-56 AM

Past the laundry room, two doors are tucked into a corner before the hall.

10-10-18_11-40-19 AM

The first leads to a remodeled original bathroom, with both familiar and new elements.

10-10-18_11-40-35 AM

Most importantly, additional storage space is now available for the family.

10-10-18_11-41-04 AM

The next door is to a pink and brown bedroom for the aspiring artist!

10-10-18_11-41-15 AM

This bedroom combines both work and play in a fun, warm setting.

10-10-18_11-41-30 AM

The artwork and decor are made to inspire creativity, and a personal computer allows for both study and art exploration.

10-10-18_11-42-14 AM

Three more doors round out the downstairs hallway.

10-10-18_11-42-51 AM

The second bathroom is conveniently located between the bedrooms.

10-10-18_11-43-16 AM

A slimline layout and quiet hues make for a relaxing bathroom.

10-10-18_11-43-43 AM

The next door reveals a bright and bold bedroom for a teenager who loves to discover new things.

10-10-18_11-43-51 AM

With teenage responsibility comes a bit of freedom in the way of personal access to outside.

10-10-18_11-44-07 AM

Even teenagers need a quiet study nook.

10-10-18_11-44-52 AM

Stepping outside reveals a beautiful river view.

10-10-18_11-45-01 AM

Along with a quiet patio to enjoy it from…

10-10-18_11-45-10 AM

…and access to the rest of the yard.

10-10-18_10-30-09 PM

The last door at the end of the hall opens to reveal…

10-10-18_10-30-32 PM

…a quiet guest bedroom, that could one day be easily converted into a child’s room.

10-10-18_10-30-45 PM

Guests here can feel right at home with warm earth tones.

10-10-18_10-31-06 PM

Simple but comfortable rest is highlighted by the zen decal above the bed.

10-10-18_11-46-55 AM

The upstairs is accessed via a sturdy, wooden staircase in the main room.

10-10-18_11-47-42 AM

A warm, quiet hall greets visitors at the landing.

10-10-18_11-48-00 AM

At the end of the hall, an energy-filled bedroom easily accommodates twin toddlers.

10-10-18_11-48-11 AM

With similar beds on either side of a bookcase…

10-10-18_11-48-23 AM

…toys and a tablet for play…

10-10-18_11-48-41 AM

…and a special, cuddly friend to prevent loneliness, this room is designed to help toddlers become the best they can be.

10-10-18_11-49-06 AM

Next to the toddler room is the entrance to the master suite.

10-10-18_11-49-22 AM

This room retains the original color scheme and some furnishings, while updating others and adding more space for movement and personal use.

10-10-18_11-49-33 AM

The original home was largely bare of decor, so a few quiet pieces of art and plants have been added to give it a homey touch.

10-10-18_11-49-56 AM

The updated layout gives natural framing to the dressing area, as well as a private access to the master bathroom.

10-10-18_11-50-10 AM

The color scheme carries over into the master bath, which has upgraded finishing.

10-10-18_11-50-17 AM

A bit of privacy is created by a tucked-away toilet area.

10-10-18_11-50-33 AM

Plenty of storage means the couple can keep all of their toiletries safe.

10-10-18_11-52-06 AM

Especially when the toddlers need to use the bathroom.

10-10-18_11-50-45 AM

Next to their computer station, a simple door leads out onto a balcony…

10-10-18_11-50-50 AM

…with a spectacular view of the river.

10-10-18_11-51-16 AM

Seating in their favorite color scheme creates a cozy respite to enjoy the scenery from…

10-10-18_11-50-59 AM

…and contemplate their new life as parents.


Interested in upgrading your Willow Creek neighborhood? Riverside Roost Redux can be downloaded from the Sims 4 Gallery.