#BnS104 – Unexpected Arrivals (Household)


This household was created for the Sims 4 Build-n-Share Challenge #104.

Lúna and Saanvi Ásgeirsdóttir had purchased their Riverside Roost in Willow Creek with the thought it would only be the two of them in their family. However, tragedy fell on Saanvi’s estranged sister and her husband, leaving her with three orphaned nieces and an orphaned nephew. Saanvi and Lúna immediately agreed to take in the children, despite having a house designed for little more than two; a home renovation later, the unexpected arrivals were able to come home to a family home.


Saanvi Ásgeirsdóttir, née Chaudhary, fell in love with Lúna while the two were still in high school. Their romance was not an easy path, however, and Saanvi’s very traditional parents would not approve of the young couple. When she graduated from high school, she and Lúna moved out to college together, and Saanvi’s family became distant, eventually no longer maintaining contact. Despite being estranged, Saanvi still cared deeply for her family, so when she learned her twin sister and brother-in-law had been killed in a car accident, leaving four children behind, she didn’t think twice about taking the children in.


Lúna Ásgeirsdóttir was afraid when she moved to Willow Creek from the Land of the Midnight Sun that she not only wouldn’t be able to make new friends by the time she graduated from high school, but that the culture shock of the temperate, riverside neighborhood would be too much to adjust to. Thankfully, the latter proved to be an unfounded fear, and she fit right in to her new community. At school, she quickly made friends, and ended up meeting the lovely Saanvi Chaudhary. The two became fast friends and then a cute couple, much to the delight of their peers. However, not everyone was thrilled – Saanvi’s very traditional family disapproved, despite Lúna’s attempts to ease their concerns. After high school, she and Saanvi decided it would be best for their relationship to move on together and leave Saanvi’s family to sort their own feelings out. The two married and made a lovely home together; then, one day, tragedy struck Saanvi’s estranged family, and Lúna had to watch her wife’s heart break all over again. She quickly assured Saanvi she’d be happy if they took the children into their own home, so they could have loving parents to raise them.


Faisal Saqqaf is the eldest child of Fadl and Paavai Saqqaf. He’s outwardly quiet and plain, but he has been doing his best to meet his parents’ expectations that he become a scientist. What he really enjoys, though, is the discovery – once he’s found something new and the novelty wears off, he’s ready to move on to the next thing. His dedicated, inward-facing world was thrown upside down by the sudden deaths of his parents, hitting him hard in an already difficult time – high school. Out of nowhere, the aunt his parents rarely spoke of and her wife stepped in to take him and his sisters into their home. They seem like great people – but he’s not sure if he can really open up to them yet.


Nila is the middle child of the Saqqaf children, and her already-shy demeanor was only multiplied by the sudden death of her parents. She’s a creative soul at heart and throws herself into her work with a vigor that surprises even adults. She didn’t know what to make of her new home with her aunts initially; it was pretty crowded, and her Aunt Saanvi’s resemblance to her mom was unsettling. She was surprised and delighted when her aunts took interest in her opinions on things, because they had never mattered to adults in her life before; she was used to simply doing as she was told. When she learned her aunts were intending to remodel their house so she and her siblings could each have their own space, she was thrilled – while still mourning the loss of her parents, she’s nervous and excited to see where this new journey will take her.


Ayla and Aesha Saqqaf, twins, are the youngest of the Saqqaf children. They were barely more than babies when they were orphaned, and they aren’t quite sure what the sudden fuss and move to a new house was about. It seems like Mom is still there, but she dresses differently, and she keeps saying to call her “Aunt Saanvi.” Dad isn’t around anymore, and no one wants to say why, but Aunt Lúna is always there instead. Things are different in the new house, too; there are tall stairs to navigate, and there’s talk about new rooms coming soon. It’s all very confusing, but also very interesting, and they can’t wait to explore and learn more about what’s going on.


A vacation gave the family time to get to know each other, but now it’s also time to get to know their new house! Saanvi and Lúna are excited to see the changes and welcome the children home officially.


Ayla’s excited about a shiny, new dollhouse! Even if it’s in big sister Nila’s bedroom. Nila doesn’t mind, though. There’s plenty of space in her new room for her and her whole new family, if they want to hang out!


Saanvi was ecstatic that the home renovations included a full make-over of their tiny kitchen. Who thought knocking out a wall could open it up so much, and all those new cabinets and new appliances make it look really posh! She can’t wait to make her family their first meal in their new home on this high-quality range.


Aunt Lúna is more than glad to indulge the newest family members in a late-night snack.


Pushing through his lingering grief and the surprise at their new home, Faisal makes sure to dedicate some time to his studies. He can’t let his grades slip, despite reassurances that he can take time for himself.


Nila takes the opportunity to go wholeheartedly into her art. She’s thrilled with all the creative options in her new bedroom.


The new parents are learning all the ins and outs of raising children, including how important bath mats are during bath time! Oops – that’ll be a quick addition to the house after the tubby.


The warm and spacious new home helps Faisal feel better about opening up to his aunts, and he takes a minute to ask his Aunt Saanvi for advice to put his mind at ease before bed. It turns out, Aunt Saanvi is very empathetic and a great listener!


With his mind at rest, Faisal is at last able to tuck himself into his new bed and sleep.


The girls aren’t quite ready for bed, so it’s time for a midnight dance party!


Finally, even the tireless toddlers are ready for bed. Aunt Lúna makes sure they’re tucked in cozily…


…and they drift off into a peaceful sleep.


Saanvi takes a moment before bed to get the laundry going in their new laundry room. Who knew a full house could make so much laundry so quickly? It’s a good thing she chose a designer who knew the needs of a family with children; this sparkling new tile is already seeing a lot of  face time.


The next morning, the neighborhood Welcome Wagon arrives to welcome the family into their newly-remodeled home. Saanvi is thrilled! This will be a great chance for the children to meet their new neighbors.


Lúna and the girls give a tour of the new house, while Faisal takes a moment to have a slice of the fruitcake and talk with their neighbors. Everything seems to be going swimmingly, but just to be sure, Saanvi kicks on some tunes. It’s never the wrong time for a dance break!


After the welcome party, Saanvi sits outside on her bedroom balcony for a bit and takes in the view. Despite her sadness over the loss of her sister, she’s still really glad she and Lúna made this decision, and she’s looking forward to where this new adventure takes their family.


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