#BnS103 – Dream a Little Dream (Lot)


Entry for the Sims Build-n-Share Challenge #103

Cherry Creations is the hot new design studio in Magnolia Promenade, settled on the aptly-named Preeminent Domain. Designer Pepper Cherry shares this building with her receptionist, Karl Hedges. With the expansion of Cherry Creations into their new offices, Pepper also has space for part-time maintenance and gardeners to care for the grounds and her luxurious new arboretum. This new office building showcases Pepper’s personal taste, as well as her adherence to the motto, “Stay weird, my friends.”

09-23-18_10-52-46 PM

The roof of Cherry Creations is split between a stylish solar roof, which powers the building, and a glass roof that provides a year-round sky view for the arboretum, meeting room, and two of the bathrooms. Bringing the outside in is a big part of Pepper’s aesthetic.

09-23-18_10-53-14 PM

This building is a single level (with potential room to expand in what is currently attic space). The lobby, executive suite (with executive bathroom), public restroom, two staff offices, a staff bathroom, a meeting room and meeting room bathroom and arboretum make up the layout of the building.

09-23-18_10-53-32 PM

Sharp, angular lines with bold contrasts of Pepper’s favorite colors make Cherry Creations stand out in the otherwise traditionally-styled neighborhood.

09-23-18_10-53-45 PM

Fountains surrounding the building accent the angular look.

09-23-18_10-54-09 PM

Tucked off to the side is a quiet, outdoor seating area, for folks who want to take a break from a busy meeting inside.

09-23-18_10-54-26 PM

The glass roof makes it seem like Cherry Creations melts into the surrounding neighborhood.

09-23-18_10-54-46 PM

A more stylized fountain setup, complete with lily pads, accents the exterior view of the arboretum.

09-23-18_10-54-59 PM

Cherry Creations’s location and landscaping allows it to become an almost seamless continuation of the landscaping surrounding it.

09-23-18_10-55-18 PM

Visitors to the park next door are treated to the full spectrum of the Cherry Creations look, including a giant display of cherry blossoms.

09-23-18_10-55-35 PM

This is a building designed to make a statement.

09-23-18_10-56-14 PM

Cherry Creations is getting ready for their grand opening. Let’s step up to the front door and peek inside.

09-23-18_10-56-52 PM

The reception area is centered around a large desk, where Karl meets with folks interested in Cherry Creations’s services.

09-23-18_10-57-04 PM

Luxury arm chairs are ready and waiting to put guests at ease.

09-23-18_10-57-34 PM

If there is a wait, or guests would simply like to warm up from the cold, coffee and tea are available on the house. For children who might not be interested in their family’s project or individuals looking for inspiration, local magazines are available.

09-23-18_10-57-45 PM

The lobby is well-lit day and night by elegant light fixtures and large, bright windows and glass doors.

09-23-18_10-57-56 PM

And, of course, any good waiting area provides access to toilet facilities and comfortable waiting for said facilities.

09-26-18_10-38-11 PM

Shall we peek inside?

09-26-18_10-38-54 PM

Need to bounce ideas off a neutral party? Talk to the toilet while you use the facilities! The warm hues are designed to put anyone right at home.

09-26-18_10-39-07 PM

Heavy drapes can be drawn to obscure the view of people passing by, but if you’re just washing your hands or giving yourself a pep talk, the tie-backs allow plenty of sunlight in.

09-26-18_10-39-14 PM

The sink includes ample storage for supplies, so any of the staff can refill depleted needs.

09-26-18_10-39-34 PM

For those who just want a little more sanitation before leaving the bathroom, paper towels are available for drying hands, and a hand-sanitizer dispenser is waiting by the door before you leave.

09-23-18_10-56-52 PM

The sign above the door tells us this is Pepper’s office. Shall we see what she’s up to?


Ah ha! She’s making sure all of the supplies are stocked at her wet bar and snack counter. No one wants to discuss building design plans on an empty stomach or a stressed mood.


For just a quick, casual drink, a drink tray waits for lemonade or iced tea.


Pepper’s plants accent her executive suite in a way that tells her clients she’s both creative and rooted.


The quiet side door behind the flashy bar is Pepper’s access to her private work space.


This is where the magic happens – a drafting table with journal, pin board, reference materials, inspiration and a high-end computer for research give Pepper the tools she needs to get the job done…and to stay weird.


Pepper’s personal knick-knacks are integrated into her shelves…


As are her awards and honors. She likes to be reminded of them without being ostentatious.


Zen and focus are the keys to successful work.


Even for work horses like Pepper, nature sometimes calls, and a walk down the hall might disrupt the creative zone. The solution? An executive bathroom.


Pepper, and her guests, can feel comfortable and peaceful amid the warm florals and clean fixtures of this bathroom.


Plenty of storage for supplies and plenty of light means it always looks clean and bright inside.


But, as welcoming as this bathroom is, it’s time to venture out into the rest of the building.

09-26-18_10-20-19 PM

With only a bit of shining overhead light to give it away, the entrance to the staff hallway is neatly blended into the look of the front lobby.09-26-18_10-20-37 PM

Pepper understands most of her hallways look like something out of “The Shining.” She’s working on it. ^^;

09-26-18_10-21-14 PM

And whose office is this, right around the corner?

09-26-18_10-22-10 PM

It’s Karl’s! He’s already hard at work, making sure no little detail has been overlooked in the lobby’s aesthetic.

09-26-18_10-22-35 PM

Karl’s office reflects his hardworking, dedicated approach to work. His accomplishments adorn the walls and shelves alongside art masterpieces.

09-26-18_10-23-37 PM

With ample sunlight and simple plants, Pepper has made sure Karl isn’t too closed off from the world in his office.

09-26-18_10-23-57 PM

Here’s a second door. Pepper and Karl both have offices. That leaves this one…

09-26-18_10-24-14 PM

For the new maintenance and garden staff!

09-26-18_10-24-24 PM

These employees are part time in their respective jobs, so they share an office, but Pepper made sure there were ample accommodations for everyone – including their own personal coffee maker for those early mornings or long days.

09-26-18_10-24-39 PM

This office also has a computer to accommodate any communication and research needs.

09-26-18_10-24-59 PM

Manuals, reference books, and lockers for storing personal belongings round out the office.

09-26-18_10-25-12 PM

The universal symbol for “This is where you pee!” Having a staff bathroom frees up the public restroom for clients.

09-26-18_10-25-31 PM

Since there might be more needs when it comes to washing and cleaning, especially for the garden and maintenance staff, additional storage and supplies have been provided.

09-26-18_10-25-42 PM

The sink and its cleaning supplies are also enhanced.

09-26-18_10-25-54 PM

And the staff don’t have to miss out on being able to talk to their very own toilet.

09-26-18_10-26-28 PM

Let’s just hope the bin isn’t so hidden everyone forgets to empty it. ^^;

09-26-18_10-26-43 PM

Safety third, right? The sprinkler control box and fire extinguisher is located in an offset area at the end of the hallway to provide easy access for both staff in the building as well as the staff in the arboretum or meeting room.

09-26-18_10-27-01 PM

Speaking of, shall we venture outside?

09-26-18_10-29-14 PM

Pepper had never been much for taking tea in bland, sketchy-looking break rooms. With her special space as a full-fledged arboretum, she grows her own tea fresh, raises her own honey to sweeten it, and has a beautiful, relaxing setting to drink it in.

09-26-18_10-29-31 PM

With crystalline lights framing it, even the doorway becomes more quiet and warm.

09-26-18_10-29-43 PM

A specially-ordered miniature lantern lilac gives shelter to Pepper an any one she wants to have tea with, while they watch water flow through her personally-designed water fountain.

09-26-18_10-30-08 PM

With her bee hive box not far away, Pepper doesn’t let anyone get too rowdy in here – happy bees produce the best tea.

09-26-18_10-30-24 PM

Soothing lanterns provide light even in the dark of night, but they are not overbearing in intensity when the bees need quiet time.

09-26-18_10-30-36 PM

Visitors passing through the arboretum can use a second door to go into the meeting room…

09-26-18_10-30-48 PM

…or return back to the main office.

09-26-18_10-31-20 PM

Let’s take a look at the meeting room in question!

09-26-18_10-31-41 PM

There’s no question that business can be conducted in this room! No one will be falling asleep during these meetings. XD

09-26-18_10-32-21 PM

With ample seating, even large committees are able to meet here.

09-26-18_10-32-37 PM

Access to refreshments and music also allows social gatherings to be held here.

09-26-18_10-32-56 PM

And there’s no running through the entire building to find a restroom – it’s right by the drinks. 🙂

09-26-18_10-33-12 PM

The facilities in this bathroom, like the others, are designed to accommodate the number of people who might use them. In addition, the abundance of live floral plants…

09-26-18_10-33-43 PM

…and natural sunlight, along with a gentle ventilation breeze to move the wind chimes, ensures that this bathroom always stays fresh and pleasant, no matter how many people are in the meeting.

09-26-18_10-33-52 PM

As an added bonus, when the drapes are open, guests are able to take in a stunning view of the arboretum.

09-26-18_10-34-07 PM

Now, let’s move on to that back door on the meeting room.

09-26-18_10-34-18 PM

Everyone has those times when they need to just step away from a meeting, either because things are getting tense or the room is getting claustrophobic. This cozy seating area is quietly lit for night-time seating and gets bright sun during the daytime.

09-26-18_10-34-31 PM

A bird feeder set among a fragrant floral arrangement allows sweet avian visitors to join Pepper’s guests.

09-26-18_10-34-39 PM

While human visitors enjoy easy access either to the meeting room or the street.

09-26-18_10-35-13 PM

Since we’re here, shall we take a walk around the building? It seems the rain is holding off for a bit, yet.

09-26-18_10-35-34 PM

Street-accessible doors are all monitored by security cameras, but they’re coordinated with the color scheme of the building so as not to be obtrusive. The water emitters in the fountains and blooming decor draw visitors’ attention back to eye-level.

09-26-18_10-35-45 PM

Pepper knew kids wouldn’t be able to resist her fountains, but she doesn’t mind. They’re not deep enough for anyone to get into too much trouble.

09-26-18_10-36-05 PM

Besides, the amenities of the public park are literally right next to her office building.

09-26-18_10-36-45 PM

When Pepper saw that the business next to hers had a rear court with decorative fountain, she knew she had to up her fountain game in that area.

09-26-18_10-37-12 PM

It’s only over-the-top if you worry about the practical things in life. This is style at its finest. ❤

09-26-18_10-37-38 PM

Now that we’re back to where we’ve started, and you’ve seen all the amenities, it’s time to say farewell. Keep Cherry Creations in mind for your building needs!

Download Cherry Creations from the Sims 4 Gallery