#mdsmalecaschallenge – Kelvin Douglas (Surfer Dude)


Kelvin Douglas is a surfer dude and social media personality who is looking to liven up your town! He’s aiming to be the best party personality there is, and loves to take the party outdoors any time he gets the chance.


Kelvin grew up in the Old Town District of Windenburg, but the quaint cottage lifestyle just wasn’t his jam. Once his social media reputation took off, he built himself Summer Home digs in the Countryside, giving him access to both the family and friends back home and the hip, up-and-coming lifestyle of the Modern District. With easy access to the sea, this is the perfect place for R&R between surfing competitions!


With looks to thrill and hip, bright outfits for any occasion, Kelvin is ready to go at a moment’s notice. However, he’s also set for downtime at home, too!

09-23-18_8-36-18 AM

Life’s not all play and no work for Kelvin – not that you’d know, because he loves what he does for work! Creating cat videos is a perfect way to start your work morning.

09-23-18_8-37-48 AM

A true surfer can’t stay in a chair all day, however. He keeps that beach body ready for action in between work assignments.

09-23-18_8-39-34 AM

And a little dance break doesn’t hurt, either.

09-23-18_8-41-45 AM

An action-filled day can’t be powered on an empty stomach; it’s a good thing Kelvin’s digs are decked out with high-end appliances for delicious meals and snacks.

09-23-18_8-49-11 AM

Night time is the right time for a refreshing swim, especially when you own an enormous lighted pool!

09-23-18_8-49-47 AM

Any active sim knows not to go from active to sedentary without a cool-down. A few sit-ups do the trick nicely.

Want Kelvin in your community? Download him from the Sims 4 Gallery.

Bonus! Download Douglas Digs, Kelvin’s home!

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