#BnS103 – Dream a Little Dream (Room)


Entry for Sims Build-n-Share Challenge #103

When there’s something weird you need designed…who ya gonna call? Not the Ghostbusters, at any rate. :p Cherry Creations is your one stop for buildings that make the Landgraabs click their tongues and make vampires think twice before breaking in. A streak of good business has given them the opportunity to build a new office with more space and amenities. The executive suite was central to the new build.

The executive suite is three separate areas (main social area, private office/work room, and half bath) covering a total of 40 squares. This makes a tight but cozy space for Pepper to meet her clients and complete their projects in.


The Grand Tour of the executive suite starts with a fantastic view…and a look at the wet bar and snack counter. 😉 Pepper’s taking a moment to brew herself a pot of tea before sitting down to work.


Pepper’s wall art encompasses more zen and less business – an ideal way to stay focused on the task at hand.


Mmm, boobies donuts…


Despite the abundance of varieties, most of these beverages are just for show or a special guest – Pepper’s been dry since she started her business.


If you make it past the goodie counter, you’ll be able to sneak a look into Pepper’s private workspace, complete with drafting table, high-end computer, and inspiration: “Stay weird, my friends.”


The task board and clock next to her drafting table help keep Pepper focused.


Ample bookshelves hold Pepper’s research and inspiration books and magazines, as well as some mementos and awards from days passed.


The incorporation of green space into the work space helps fuel a sense of calm, even when deadlines are approaching.


The flowers above this door are a subtle sign…


…leading to a swank executive bathroom.


If Pepper needs a chat break when Karl’s not around, she can always talk to her toilet…otherwise, the decorative mirror will also let her give herself a pep talk.


Cherry blossoms abound in Cherry Creations, even in the bathrooms.


Seriously, they’re everywhere. ^^;

Download Cherry Creations – Suite from the Sims 4 Gallery