#BnS101 – Five by Five (Lot)


Entry for the Sims Build-n-Share Challenge #101

The Lantern Lilac Lodge was designed with the agoraphobic sim in mind, but it’s a great starter home or private cabin for anyone who wants to get away from the world and live a cozy, simple life. This home was specifically designated a Private Dwelling to discourage unwanted visitors, and the only door is easy to lock, leaving the owner with quiet security.

08-17-18_9-13-36 AMFrom the outset, it’s obvious to most this home was designed with privacy in mind. Tall lilac trees frame the lot and are hung with lanterns that give light in their shade and at night. Their wide branches obscure view of the home nestled among them from passers-by.

08-17-18_9-13-59 AMNewcrest’s sparse population offers a perfect glimpse at just how well the trees cordon off this home from the wider world.08-17-18_9-14-34 AM(Yes, the two trees in the front yard have been struck by lightning. The one downside to tall trees is they’re lightning magnets in a thunderstorm. The difference is demonstrated when the front yard trees are compared to the back yard trees.)

08-17-18_9-15-20 AMThe windowless back of the house and open approach does not give easy access to the home, preventing suspicious sims from sneaking up on a homeowner.

08-17-18_9-15-46 AMThe hanging lanterns provide enough light to chase shadows day and night, making it difficult for anyone to lurk unseen even among their branches.

08-17-18_9-16-24 AMNeighbors out for a stroll might think this is a quiet home for an elderly couple, or maybe someone’s getaway cabin. Little do they know all types of sims can enjoy this home.

08-17-18_9-17-19 AMEven burned by lightning, the lanterns still provide a warm glow. This is top-notch secret security.

08-17-18_9-18-00 AMYard and door lights complete the security light circuit.

08-17-18_9-18-09 AMOnce someone does approach the home, however, they’ll find a simple home and lawn with a wrap-around porch and warm door lights. Soft light from inside the home filters through small, sparse windows.

08-17-18_9-18-34 AMInside the front door, a cozy, earth-toned interior welcomes sims home with the aroma of citronella and drying garden herbs. This space seems tight, yet provides all the mobility a sim needs for daily tasks.

08-17-18_9-18-44 AMFaith enjoys reading on her bed, though the desk chair is likewise comfortable.

08-17-18_9-19-03 AMA small trash can is all a single sim needs, especially when paired with the larger outdoor trash can for party nights…if your sim is the partying type.

08-17-18_9-19-10 AMThe view back toward the front door reveals how a sim can take in most of the home even from the seclusion of the kitchen.

08-17-18_9-19-22 AMA small bedroom nook includes quick access to the only bathroom.

08-17-18_9-19-32 AMSimple and utilitarian are the best descriptors for this bathroom, with the added utility bonus of a garlic-scented mirror to deter any fanged prowlers from hiding within.

08-17-18_9-19-37 AMA cozy bath mat over natural stone flooring completes the earth-tone theme of the home.

08-17-18_9-19-56 AMThis no-nonsense bathroom is fully visible from all angles.

08-17-18_9-20-08 AMEven the crystal-clear shower door allows for a great view of the bathroom.

08-17-18_9-20-19 AMDo you see any suspicious sims lurking in the window? Nope, me neither. That mirror across from the window comes in handy.

08-17-18_9-20-26 AMBeing able to see the front door from her bed allows Faith peace of mind.

08-17-18_9-21-27 AMThe living space of this home is 25 squares, five-by-five exactly, divided up between the main living area and the bathroom.

08-17-18_9-21-37 AMHowever, placing it on a 20×15 lot (Comfy Cubby in Newcrest) with large trees makes it seem much larger from overhead.

08-17-18_9-21-51 AMThis is the sort of Private Dwelling dreams are made of.

08-17-18_9-21-58 AMEspecially when they’re capped with a good roof to keep creepers out.

Download Lantern Lilac Lodge from the Sims 4 Gallery.