#BnS97 – A Garden for Daisy (Lot)


Entry for the Sims 4 Build-n-Share Challenge #97

Daisy’s Rest Park is a public park in the town of Willow Creek (on the site of the former Streamlet Single), created through the generous donation by widower Bai Lee in memory of his wife, Daisy. Daisy’s passion for gardening and flowers has been brought over into both her memorial square and the park at large, providing lovely green cover and bright pops of color for the community to enjoy.

Garden01When Bai is spotted in the park, Daisy is usually not far away. She is still very much in love with her husband, and he is still very much in love with her.

Garden02The cozy bench situated in front of Daisy’s memorial provides comfort for the two lovebirds, with a backdrop of pink daisies to remind visitors of the park’s namesake.

Garden03The front of the park features a traditional entranceway cloaked in flowers and shaded by two looming oaks, sentinels of the current and future deceased who will make their afterlife there. The floral approach creates a clear but open transition into the park.

Garden04The view from the front corner of the lot shows the quiet transition from the less-upscale neighborhood it sits at the edge of to the somewhat more-upscale neighborhood across the river.

Garden05The trees and flowers of the neighboring lot make the transition into the park nearly seamless.

Garden06Likewise, foliage used by the community to conceal the concrete edge of the river creates a sense of lushness.

Garden07From the river’s edge, the concrete barrier becomes an accidental fence, offering a creeping peek into the park beyond.

Garden08Lee and Daisy both enjoyed fishing from time to time, so it’s very lucky that a community fishing area is right next to their park.

Garden09Looking across the park from the empty lot next door shows a smooth transition from the park to the community.

Garden10Community members of all ages enjoy the park daily. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Garden11If they’re in the mood for a quiet talk or a picnic, eco-friendly teak will help them relax under the shade of a simple umbrella.

Garden12For those who find water relaxing, the park’s water feature includes a central fountain and two accompanying water emitters to keep the internal water plants and the companion daisies alive.

Garden13Metal structures don’t mean the end of flowers! This playground equipment provides beauty and a fresh, spring scent to children exercising their skills.

Garden14The backside of the park is rather plain at first glance, harboring mostly the back of the bathrooms, but a closer look shows a nearby area where collectibles spawn and flowers grow naturally, generating interest and life even in a tiny area.

Garden15Along with playground equipment, young and old alike can enjoy a fun tabletop game.

Garden16What better place for a water feature than in front of a bathroom? Let’s hope the lines don’t get too long! For those who aren’t affected by the drip-drip-drip of water, this peaceful scene creates a lovely frame for a simple, pastel bathroom.

Garden17A simple, elegant bench at the back of Daisy’s memorial provides space for napping, quiet reflection, or just a place to wait one’s turn for the bathroom.

Garden18With plenty of carefully-integrated stone to walk on, the park also becomes a place to meet, talk, or just gaze at the clouds.

Garden19And there’s really no way to get lost – all paths lead home again.

Garden20Daisy enjoys spending time gazing at the clouds, but other visitors to the park aren’t always so comfortable around her.

Garden21When she possesses her memorial, even small children tend to take notice and express a bit of alarm.

Garden22Daisy doesn’t mind. She loves her memorial, and she can frequently be found in or near it.

Garden23If a scare at the hands of a ghost sends you running for the bathroom, there will be no question if there’s a line – the translucent glass gives a great view of the bright interior waiting area and the river beyond.

Garden24The divisions in the bathroom are really less for whomever might need to make use of the facilities and more for Bai and Daisy’s memory. “Bai’s Room” is to the right as you walk in. The frosted glass will give you an idea if anyone’s inside without showing all the goods.

Garden25Simple, utilitarian, and bright – that’s the name of a public restroom.

Garden26Overhead windows help enhance the brightness during the daytime hours.

Garden27And yes, there’s the toilet roll someone keeps putting on the holder backward. 😐

Garden28“Daisy’s Room” is just across the entryway and sports a similar frosted-glass door.

Garden29And is, for all intents and purposes, identical. It’s a mirror image of “Bai’s Room.”

Garden30Complete with the roll-holder bandit who switches the toilet roll direction. 😐

GardenOverheadThink this park looks right for your community? The white borders in this overhead view show where the park is bounded compared to neighboring lots, and the layout of the bathrooms is easy to see. This is best situated in place of the Streamlet Single in Willow Creek, but it will likely work in many 20×15 lots. Just remember – many of these trees and flowers are not comfortable in extreme environments!

Download Daisy’s Rest Park from the Sims 4 Gallery