#BnS97 – A Garden for Daisy (Household)


Entry for the Sims 4 Build-n-Share Challenge #97

The unfortunate death of his beloved wife, Daisy, sparked a desire for a commitment to a community garden in Bai Lee. To best express the devotion of this couple and their enjoyment of the new garden, I’ve created and uploaded Bai and Daisy Lee.


Bai was your typical “Average Joe,” who devoted his life and attention to his loving wife, Daisy. Also a lover of art and the outdoors, he spent much of his life working odd jobs and journaling, preferring to spend the bulk of his priority time with his wife. Bai and Daisy were soulmates from the start, and their love blossomed into a beautiful relationship that would transcend the grave.


Bai’s wardrobe is much like his life – simple and no frills. He does sport ethnic tattoos important to his heritage that have been with him since he was a young man. With his tattoos being for himself rather than public art, he doesn’t mind that they’re covered except when he’s swimming.


Accidents happen even to the most talented and careful of people, and Daisy’s love for her garden and the outdoors ultimately led to her unfortunately early demise. While tending to a previously-unknown variety of flower in her garden, Daisy learned one of the potentially-disastrous side-effects of its pollen was uncontrollable laughter. With her husband on an errand to the library and their neighbors at work, Daisy soon collapsed in her garden and succumbed to the peals that would ultimately summon the Grim Reaper. She bears no malice for the unusual flower, however, and she is delighted with the garden Bai’s generous donation has created for their community.


Despite being faded with the translucency of ghosthood, the simple styling and bright florals of Daisy’s wardrobe persist in her afterlife. She’s glad now that she chose comfort and carefree for her aesthetic while she was alive!

BaiDaisy01Lee and Daisy love the new garden park…and each other.

BaiDaisy02Daisy spends a lot of time with the memorial dedicated to her. She even sometimes sings with joy.

BaiDaisy03Lee and Daisy work hard to keep up the beautiful grounds, even when local children don’t appreciate the value and meaning of the park.

BaiDaisy04It’s not all work and no play for the devoted couple; these two lovebirds can’t help but take a moment here and there.

BaiDaisy05Or even a second moment.

BaiDaisy06Uh oh, Daisy, your pink is showing! I guess even as a ghost, Lee’s charm still works.

BaiDaisy07Locals are getting used to seeing Daisy around, and even sometimes join the couple for a game break!

BaiDaisy08But even young blondes standing nearby can’t tear Lee’s eyes away from his beloved wife.

BaiDaisy09It appears this couple is destined for a happily ever afterlife. ❤


Download Bai and Daisy Lee from the Sims 4 Gallery