Ideal Basic Starter Home

I’ve reached 1,000 downloads on the Sims 4 Gallery, and to celebrate, I’ve built this “ideal basic starter” home to help others out on their Sims journey. Very plain (as starters typically are), but with a fully-landscaped yard and pond using DEBUG, this home is functional, meets all of a Sim’s basic skilling needs, and…

Holiday Rose

It looks like I’m in the mood for holiday builds! This toned-down holiday build is a festive remodel of Rindle Rose in Willow Creek. To make it more accessible to simmers with fewer packs, it uses only the Base Game + Holiday Stuff (free) + Seasons + Realm of Magic. It *technically* doesn’t need Realm…

Yule Bridge Borough

Just in time for the holidays – this remodel of a Glimmerbrook starter home perfectly suits the needs of any magical sim. This home is not only move-in ready, it’s also decked for the winter holidays! Move Objects On, No CC, No Mods. Want to download this lot for your game? Find it on the…

Raditz, Saiyan Moon Priest

Still working out my design for Raditz as a priest of the moon. A lot of rough line work on this one, but I overall like it.

Still Gay

Time for a remake! Even I was a little bit surprised by this one when I was done. I recognized a few intentional changes I made (such as not being lazy and adding a background), but I was still a bit taken aback by the overall difference. I guess I might have gotten a smidge…

Yes, I’m Back

I’ve been having more problems with my hands, as well as hand-eye coordination as of late. Bit the bullet and bought a new Wacom Cintiq 16 to help with those issues. I can safely say I’m back in business. :3

Flight Rising Dragon: Abomination

I’ve joined Flight Rising! Along with a newfound game to feed my gaming hobby, it’s brought my muses back. :3 This lovely lady belongs to Cherryfleck, and the art was a forum freebie. I wasn’t even sure I had it in me anymore, but it looks like I do! ClipStudio Paint with a Wacom Intuos…

New Signature!

So, yeah, I’m here, I’m queer – and I have a new signature to go with it. Enjoy!

Sims 4 Makeover: Johnny Zest

I had considered putting Johnny in with the other Landgraab post, but since the family disowned him, I decided to make a separate post for him.

Sims 4 Makeover: Landgraab Family

This iconic Sims family is well-known to long-time gamers, and it’s about time their dorky, awkward look and ugly house get refreshed. They obviously have the money, right? 😉